Dear Esteemed Customer,
We sincerely apologise for the difficulties encountered in sending SMS.This is due to the fact that every network provider have imposed DnD(Dont Disturb) on all their sim especially MTN.
The goodnews is that we have found a way to bye-pass the barrier. We discovered a special route that will enable the messages to be delivered. All you need to do is register your sender i.d,so we can forward it to our MTN partner that will help activate your sender i.d. With this, you are good to go. Easy right?
Once again, we are sorry for any inconvenience this must have caused you.Thank you.
please to get the drafted letter kindly send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For all bulk SMS service users, instant delivery of bulk SMS is of paramount importance. Delays are not pleasurable. More distasteful is failed delivery of bulk SMS all together. No one loves to be charged for sent messages while the supposed recipients don’t get it.

Here are 8 of the major causes of bulk SMS delivery failure so you can be aware of this and know how to prevent it.


1. USE OF SCAM AND SPAM WORDS AS SENDER ID AND IN MESSAGE CONTENT: This is one of the major causes of bulk SMS delivery failure. GSM operators who are responsible for delivering messages might stop a message from getting delivered if it is screened and found to contain unsolicited content (spam) or words that are used by fraudsters (scam). It is good therefore to avoid the use of these words in our sent messages to avoid delivery problem arising from this. Learn more about words and word combinations not allowed as sender IDs and in the content of a message.


2. RECIPIENT’S PHONE NUMBER SWITCHED OFF FOR LONG: When an SMS gets to a phone number and the phone number is switched off at that moment, there is validity time period the message can stay that way waiting for the phone to come back on so to speak. If the phone remains that way for long and the waiting period elapse, the message expires and whenever the phone does comes back on, the owner wouldn’t get the message.


3. RECIPIENT’S PHONE NUMBER OUT OF NETWORK COVERAGE: The same thing that happens in terms of delivery validity period as with when phone numbers are switched off also applies here. Once the phone number is not in a network enabled area for a long period of time, the message expires and it won’t get delivered.


4. PHONE NUMBERS HAVE BEEN PORTED: Many GSM users have been using the phone number portability provision since its invention. Research has shown that ported phone numbers do not usually receive application to mobile text messages.See here why bulk SMS don’t get delivered on ported phone numbers. That is another possible reason for bulk SMS delivery failure.


5. BULK SMS NOT PROPERLY SCHEDULED: Scheduling of messages allows you to send your important bulk SMS in advance and leave it to get delivered as at when due even when you are not online. In some cases though, the sender of the message did not schedule it properly and as such it doesn’t get delivered as at when due. Learn how to properly schedule bulk messages.


6. INVALID/INCORRECT PHONE NUMBER: Another cause of bulk SMS delivery failure has to do with the status of the phone number sent to. Sometimes, bulk SMS users unknowingly sends messages to incomplete phone numbers, types an incorrect phone number or even send to a phone number that is no longer valid. Invalid phone numbers is one of the demerits of buying phone numbers for SMS marketing campaign.


7. RECIPIENT’S INBOX FULL OR MESSAGE APPLICATION FROZEN: Another reason why a message delivery failure might occur is if the recipient’s message inbox is full. In such situations, the message got to the phone but had no space to land. To get it the owner will have to create space for the message. The same is also applicable for some smart phone which usually experiences message application freezing. The owner will have to restart the phone in such a situation.

 8. ERROR ON OPERATOR’S SMS SERVER OR BUK SMS SERVICE PROVIDER’S SERVER: Yes, sometimes, the bulk SMS provider’s server might develop an error and the message sent doesn’t get delivered. In such cases, when it is proven as the reason, the next thing is to pass the issue to the bulk SMS service provider. Also, the GSM operators too might have unknown errors at the time for the message delivery and prevent the message from getting delivered

WARNING To Avoid Delivery Problem:

1) Please do not use "Microsoft Word" to type message or phone numbers.

Instead type your message and phone numbers directly on our "COMPOSE SMS" page or use NOTEPAD.

2) Do not use "Microsoft Excel" to type phone numbers.

Instead use NOTEPAD.


How To Locate NOTEPAD on Your Computer (Laptop or Desktop)

1) Click on START

2) Move cursor to the top of ALL PROGRAMS and wait

3) Move cursor again to the top of ACCESSORIES and wait again

4) Then, locate NOTEPAD and click on it.


How To Save Numbers on NOTEPAD

1) After opening a NOTEPAD page, copy your numbers from MicroSoft Word or MicroSoft Excel and paste on NOTEPAD page.

2) Click on "FILE" and select "SAVE AS".

3) Give a name to the file in the space for "FILE NAME" and click on "SAVE" to save your numbers asNOTEPAD FILE.

Recently we we have been getting a lot of complaints from our customers, mostly MTN users about delivery issues.

The reason for this failed messages is the DND (Do not Disturb) system implemented within mobile network operators in Nigeria. What this means is that people on that list will not receive any kind of BulkSMS.

More specifically, when it comes to MTN some of the subscribers were automatically put on the DND list and they are required to opt out again by sending ALLOW to 2442, that should enable them to receive the messages again.

Other than sending “Allow” to 2442, there is no way to go around this at the moment.

We have contacted MTN and they are aware of the complaints received from our clients, we are hoping they will be able to resolve/fix this issue soon. We appreciate your patience in the meantime.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Recently about 2 months ago, Nigeria Telco Implemented DND feature on their Network,

What this DND means is DO-NOT-DISTURB, this is essentially a list of people who have indicated that they do not want to be receiving any Promotional SMSes (yes including BulkSMS) within a Telco’s network , a mobile subscriber on this list will not receive BulkSMS you send to them. So what this means, is that if you are trying to send BulkSMS to these categories of people, no matter how or from where you send it, even on Reliable SMSHouse platform or other unreliable platforms they will not receive. it is not that something is wrong with the platform you are using or with Reliable SMSHouse Platform.

What can be done?

The only thing you can do is to advise contacts on your list to Opt out of DND list., How can they do this?

MTN Subscribers

Airtel Subscribers


Other Networks Please google,

If you have any inquiry please mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you,

Samuel Obidike
Digital Marketing Expert
The House Company

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